Building The Cobra

It took a little while, but the wait has been worth it - initially scheduled for delivery in late November '99, I was able to travel to Tulsa the first weekend in February '00 (when the weather finally cooperated) and pick up the Cobra from RUCC.

It's now June of '03 - the car is virtually complete except for painting. Mostly due to financial priorities I'll likely wait a bit prior to painting and drive it "raw" for a while. There are a few trim pieces I'm missing, but these are purely cosmetic. The build process was not as long as it appears - much of the time was spent as I built a garage in parallel with the car as well as a significant amount of time was spent simply waiting on a few key parts. Although I did not keep track of my time, if I was to hazard a guess, I'd estimate I put in 300-400 hours between the car, engine and tranny builds.

Rather than organizing this web site chronologically, I've broken it up functionally, so as you follow through a series of images on any particular item you may see the car in a variety of stages of completion.

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