RU Car Crafters

I took a visit to RU (Roger Upton) Car Crafters in Sand Springs, Oklahoma to see their operation, take a look at their kit, and put a down payment on one. Roger is a very enthusiastic, outgoing and easy to talk to fellow. The ride we took in his personal Cobra was a kick and builds a great deal of anticipation for being able to do the same in my own. Overall, the kit seems very well constructed. Here's a few pictures from the trip - you can click on any picture for a larger image.

RUCC seems to have about three cars in various stages of assembly going at any one time. One kit is in the frame jig getting set for welding. One is out of the jig and getting the suspension installed, the welding of floor, firewall, transmission tunnel, steering installed, etc. The third car is a rolling chassis getting pedals, fuel lines, brake lines, radiator, etc. installed.
Parts before assembly

the parts bin full of laser cut pieces

a front crossmember pre assembly

the inside of a door showing the safety beams

The kit in the frame jig

The frame out of the jig

The rolling chassis

The body and other fiberglass parts are made in an adjacent section of the shop to the welding fabrication. While I was there they were curing a body. The fiberglass is laid with a choppergun using a DCPD resin. The resulting body is very strong - Roger climbed up on the body shown freestanding below and walked all around the front end and bounced on the hood where the windshield will go. Tolerances are also quite good. Also to the freestanding body we brought out a finished door and held it in place - it had a very good fit.

Body in the mold

Free standing body

This is what a finished kit can look like. This is Roger's personal car.

Roger's Car

Roger Upton in his Cobra

Going for a ride


Roger's race car

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