Title Information For Kit Cars

This is a quick summary of some options available for titling kit cars in Illinois.


In Illinois only two things are recognized as valid when applying for a title - a previous title or a Certificate of Origin (COO). A COO is issued by the original car manufacturer, who must be bonded with the US government as a legitimate car manufacturer (I'm not exactly what all this is, but what it means to most of us is that we cannot issue our own COO for a kit we build). Without a COO, one must have/acquire a title (or equivalent) in order to get a title - interesting, eh? catch-22?

RUCC does not issue a "Certificate of Origin" with its kits. They do issue a "Bill of Sale" (BOS). Other kit manufacturers may or may not issue a COO with the purchase of a kit. I strongly recommend you ask for such, as having a COO greatly simplifies the process. The reasons for RUCC not issuing one is simple - in doing so, the issuer may be accepting responsiblity for the construction of the car and could be held liable in a court of law for subsequent damages and injuries as a result of faulty assembly of the kit. Note that in any event the kit manufacturer can likely be held responsible for faulty piece parts and/or faulty design.

There are three ways I uncovered for obtaining a title for a kit car: