Monday, 09 May, 2016

The trip to Dar'ivka takes two days from the States. The long leg of the flight is an overnight from the US to Istanbul. There is only one daily flight to Kherson which leaves Istanbul before the flights from the US arrive, requiring an overnight stay in Istanbul. Depending on the incoming flight, Turkish Airlines may pick up the tab for the overnight motel. This was true for those of us flying in from Chicago, but not for those coming from JFK. Hence, while some of us got a free stay in a 5-star hotel, the rest had to foot their own bill. The flight to Kherson the next day (Monday) got us in around 2:30 in the PM. We were met by Alys (the woman behind this project), Sergei (our interpreter, but also an active construction participant), and Sasha (local pastor and Alys' right hand man).

Stephen's Home is being built on property directly behind Sasha's church - shown here.
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