The Last Day - Friday, August 3

Knowing we had a full day ahead of us we came early to work on this last day. Our prayers were answered, as the electricity was back on! There was a lot to finish - the deck railing needed to be installed, the ramp needed to be sanded and stained, the last of the forms needed to be removed and landscaping done around the sidewalk, the playground equipment needed to have the last of the painting completed and seats installed, and the sensory room needed to have all the flooring and wall padding installed.

About mid-morning, the work all became worth it. The kids came out for their morning play and started milling around. We felt the concrete had set enough so we let them try it out. A mad rush ensued as a whole "herd" of wheelchairs descended on the sidewalk, round about and up the playground apparatus. They were up, over, down and around the netting. As the ramp did not yet have railings, we could not let them try it out, but they wanted to. The excitement they showed at having easy access to the playground was payoff for the work we put in.

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