Cobra Kit Car

Additional pictures of the completed car

Back in 2004 I finished building a Cobra kit car. The kit I chose to use was from RUCC (RU Car Crafters where "RU" is Roger Upton - they're no longer in business). They (he) built a backbone chassis 427SC kit. I dropped in a 428SCJ. I built two separate "kits" - the drive train, which included the 428SCJ and a toploader transmission, and the Cobra itself. I've not yet found another site detailing the RUCC kit, so I hope to do what others have done for Factory Five and Lone Star kits - give a detailed blow-by-blow diary of the construction. I've taken a trip to visit RUCC and have a page dedicated to that visit with some details of the RUCC operation. Enjoy your visit.

It's been 22 years since I brought this kit home, 18 years on the road, and 20 years since many of these images and web pages have been updated. Here's what's happened in the 20 or so years of having this thing on the road......

The original build