Door Moulding

There was only patchwork moulding around the doors when I received it - just enough to keep the doors from rattling when closed. This was probably ok for Florida weather, but created quite a cold breeze when trying to heat the cab in Illinois cold weather. Mid-Fifty (and others) sells a replacement moulding kit, so I picked one up along with some rubber cement.
I don't have much to show of the work done here, but decided the easiest way to put on the new moulding was to remove the doors from the truck. Even with that it was a little cumbersome to fit, glue, hold the moulding in place as the rubber cement dried. I had my daughter provide an extra set of hands which made the job easier.
The proper method is to apply the cement to both the body (door) and the rubber, let it dry to a tack finish, then place the moulding onto the door. This generally worked, but we did it in sections, so had to hold the un-attached sections while sticking the glued sections. This would have been very difficult while on the truck - especially in the curved areas around the hinges. It all went on fine and the doors now seal. The rubber is still conforming as it takes a firm slam to close the doors.

What looks like scuff marks is actually white dust from the sanding / painting I'm doing on the wheel wells - not scratches in the paint.