Electric Fan

There was not expansion tank for coolant on the truck. It had a tendency to regularly "burp" coolant out onto the ground. Eventually the coolant would reach a low level and the truck would overheat. I don't know how this worked in Florida, especially with the Vintage Air conditioning, but it didn't work well in the Illinois summer.
Step one was to add a puke tank and a higher pressure radiator cap. The old cap was a 6 1/2# cap. I changed to a 13# cap. This puke tank helped capture some of the expanding coolant, and (I think) allows some to be drawn back into the radiator, but the truck still spews coolant on occasion.
Step two was to change the mechanical fan to an electric fan. I picked up a Derale High-Output Dual RAD Fan and Shroud Kit
This fan kit required new wiring and separate fuses for each of the two fans. Since each fan can draw up to 25A, I decided to also upgrade my alternator to a 140A unit. The fans also have separate thermostats. The first fan turns on at 180o and the second at 195o. Other than functioning, I do not yet know how well this addresses my coolant overflow issue. A true expansion tank of some form would be my next thought.