Wilwood Power Brakes

The truck had been converted to disc brakes with the Crown Vic front and rear suspension changes, but they were un-boosted (it looked like the original rebuild added power brakes, but the booster didn't appear to be working). My wife bought me a Wilwood power brake kit for my birthday and said "put it on!" So I did.
As received, the brakes used the original truck brake pedal that went through the floorboard. The master cylinder was frame mounted under the cab and had a remote reservoir mounted on the firewall.
I pulled off the old master cylinder, brake pedal and all hard lines, including the manifold and residual pressure valves (needed because the master cylinder was lower than the calipers).
The new Wilwood master cylinder and booster were assembled, filled, bled and mounted to the firewall.
A new under dash, fire wall mounted brake pedal was installed.
New hard lines were built and installed. After fighting with several tools that claimed to be able to make double flares, but simply could not grip the line tight enough to keep it from slipping, I ran across the "Cal-Van Tools Pistol-Grip Flaring Tool" - this works great! I highly recommend this tool if you're needing to do double flares - maybe not up to a professional tool from Eastwood, but a very good inexpensive tool that works (Summit carries these)!

Note that the Wilwood manifold includes a switch for the brake lights (unwired in the picture).