New Sound System

The truck came with an old cassette/radio unit with a couple 6" speakers mounted in the side foot wells of the cab. It was essentially worthless.
The radio/cassette unit that came with the truck was an old Optimus (Radio Shack) AM/FM cassette player. Essentially a piece of junk. The radio was poor, the power weak, and the cassette barely listenable.
I pulled the old Optimus out....
and replaced it with a RetroSound Hermosa unit. This unit does not play CDs but my primary goal was to be able to plug in a USB drive with my song collection on it, which this unit allows. The USB input is on a cable coming out the back of the unit - I routed this to the glove box to give me easy access. The chrome plated plastic surround is supposed to go behind the dash (I think) with the raised portion sticking through the hole in the dash. However, the cutout in the dash was rough and "ugly", so I chose to put this plate on the front of the dash to hide the hole.
I had a pair of "Kicker" speakers and a Pioneer power amp from a former truck. I mounted the speakers behind the seat and put the power amp under the seat.
These speakers were also old and the rubber in the passive radiator had decomposed. I bought a pair of new passive radiators, installed them and these are now "good as new". I did keep the 6" speakers in the foot wells - with the new head unit and power amp things finally sound reasonable.