Tonneau Cover

The truck bed is pretty much stock. It has not been upgraded with one of the dress oak/stainless beds that is popular and looks nice. While that is a likely upgrade in the future, for now I'm more interested in being able to carry things in the back and protect them from the elements. I usually put caps on the back of my trucks, but that would not look right on a vintage vehicle. After looking around I decided to go with a rigid (fiberglass) tonneau cover from Gaylord's Truck Lids (through Mid-Fifty).
I did not take pictures of the install, but it's pretty easy (though heavy). A couple brackets are mounted on the front of the bed edge. Tabs on the tonneau cover slip into these brackets to serve as hinges. A pair of gas springs holds the lid open and a pair of key locks hold it secure when closed.
The fiberglass cover is square, but my truck bed is not. I had to put a few shims on the mounting bracket to get things to line up.

Also, the installation guide (and looking at one of these on a friend's truck) shows the mounting bracket should have a the back edge of the receiving slot raised to allow the tang on the cover to slip in:
However, the brackets came flat:
I put the brackets in my press and with a hodge-podge jig raised the back edge.

I ordered the cover with the optional brake light. This had problems with the original truck wiring. The original wiring had only one hot wire to the rear tail lights for turn signal and braking. Hence, while this worked when I hit the brakes, it also flashed when I used the right turn signal. Part of the wiring upgrade was to run a separate brake-only wire to this lamp.
The cover came pretty much ready to paint. I asked around for estimates and a couple shops that said they might be willing were booked. They also quoted $600 for the job. I decided to wait....
I ordered the tonneau cover with the optional carpetted interior - looks good.
A pair of gas springs/shocks hold the cover in the open position. I'm starting to tape of the cab and box in preparation for another rattle-can paint job.
I found some Duplicolor "Perfect Match" paint that looks very close to the cab color - BCC0365 - Claret Red Metallic (Chrysler PM4 / GM4). It took 10-12 cans (8oz.) to get a reasonably uniform and smooth color. I then sanded with 1200 and 1500 grit to blend out any ripples and hit it with another 6 or so cans of clear coat. There's still a bit more clear coat needed, but it's looking pretty good!
Color match is very reasonable. Job done.