New Windshield

This is one of the more embarrassing issues I had to deal with. The windshield was fine, until on a trip to Dairy Queen for a milkshake a bee flew into the cab and buzzed around. When it landed on the windshield we went to squish it with our foot and cracked the window! Clearly it had to be under stress, but never the less it cracked. Hence, I had to order a new windshield and rubber windshield moulding.
Here's the crack. It runs vertical in front of the passenger.
Again, I don't have pictures of the process, but with the help of a friend we got the new windshield in place.
I can't say we did a perfect job. We are off center by ~1/8" (my guess) which makes the fit imperfect. The cab was originally white and was painted with the windshield in place. After we got the new one installed, a strip of white remains showing on the passenger side. We could also not get the new rubber moulding to fully seat all the way around. We did use the butyl rubber sealant which also made a mess (I would not use this the next time). It cleaned up and looks ok, but it would not surprise me that I'll need to do this again in the not too distant future.