There were no initial issues with the wiring. However, as I upgraded the sound system and added electric fans I needed to tap in to the fuse panel. In doing so things got confusing quickly as some of the existing wiring didn't seem to make sense.

After a bit of web searching I was able to identify the fuse box as an AutoWire Power Plus 13 unit. This helped a lot as I could now understand how the wiring was supposed to be routed and I could then figure out how it had been modified and actually run. I did make a few changes, re-wired a few circuits, upgraded the wire gauge in a couple places, and added the necessary circuits for the electric fans, the new sound system and the tonneau cover brake light.

I don't have any pictures, but I did create a wiring diagram shown here (mostly for my own historical record and future reference). There are a couple wires/circuits that remain unknown because I didn't need to trace them. At least one has to do with Vintage Air air conditioning unit.