Ralph Alfred Wilson, Sr. Ancestry
by Ralph A. Wilson, Jr.

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Ralph Alfred Wilson Sr. was born about 6:00am on February 24,1907 in Polk County, on the family farm about 5 miles west of Salem, Oregon, and died at 1:41 am March 6,1995 at Salem.
He was the youngest of the seven children of Frank Walter and Nettie (Lansing) Wilson.
The above picture of his parents and siblings was taken about 1940.

Among the rules that he preached, and by which he raised his boys:
No. 1 "Your Mother is always right! she's never wrong.
My wife might make a serious mistake, BUT, your Mother is never wrong" --
1A "Regardless of the trouble you're in, or how the world condems you, Mother will still love you -- You mind her!"

2 Education is the pathway to success, teachers are to be listened to.
2A "You get a spanking at school? - You get another at home!" (we never did get spanked, -- at school that is)

3 Be honest with others and yourself.

4 Saying "I'm sorry" gets easier with practice, etc.

He hoped that Learning and Knowledge would lead to Wisdom,
and had his fathers acute sense of justice.
He waved en-passant at temperance and moderation;
his quiet courage was seldom tried.
He acknowledged on occassion, mans need for Grace, that hope for man on earth was touch-and-go.
He fully subscribed to love. He liked all people, and loved children.

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