Mission Trip to Romania

(details to be provided later)

Bedroom 1 - bed for one disabled boy + study area

Former bedroom for one of the young men living in the house.

Carpet and old wood flooring removed

New wood floor installed (12 m2)

Three walls painted, one with wall-paper

New furniture in place

Bed for one, desk for all

Bedroom 2 - bed for two disabled boys

Former bedroom for other young man living in house.

This room had cheap paint on the walls that wiped off. All had to be removed prior to re-painting.

Three walls wiped and re-painted

One wall with new wall-paper

New wood floor installed (22 m2 including walk-in closet)

Sleeps two. Bathroom (with shower) shared by both bedrooms.

Bathroom - convert tub into walk/crawl-in shower

Fully functional bathroom, but with tub

Removed said tub

Drain exits through wall, so need to build up base of shower for pee trap and drain

Total added height ~20cm

Tiled and grouted

Finished shower - the "board" around the front is plastic, so will not deteriorate, but will provide a rounded and softer edge for entry and exit

House Parent's Bedroom - wall off part of foyer for bedroom

A "sitting area" adjacent to the foyer was walled off and turned into a bedroom for the house parents.

The wall (and door) framed.

OSB was used for sheeting at the request of "the boss"

The new bedroom, walled off.

The old flooring was removed throughout the house, and the best of such was used to re-floor the bedroom

From the inside looking out.

The new bedroom (and wall/door) are in the back of this picture - adjacent to the Living Room / Foyer

With bed, TV and nightstand

Also with armoire and dresser.

Kitchen - upgrade kitchen for larger family

The previous kitchen had a small refrigerator, small stove/oven, a laundry washer and two cabinets.

Most all removed - the old stove still here - they use propane from a #20 tank

In Romania (and other Eastern European countries), backsplash goes up prior to cabinet install

Ready for new cabinets. New refrigerator in place.

Drilling the hole for stove vent exhaust (note: the house walls are ~12" brick/stucco)

First cabinet going in.

Wall cabinets up; cabinet for stove/oven going in (a new 5-burner, in-counter propane stove top with separate electric oven)

The "gap" in the base cabinets (by the chair being stood upon) is where the new laundry washer and dryer (that are seen in the dining room pictures) will be installed.

(Almost) all done. Note lower cabinet/sink on right for wheel-chair accessibility. Yet to be done is to box in the vent pipe and add a shelf on top of the lower wall cabinets on right.

Dining Room - convert previous living area into dining area

Previous living room area was adjacent to kitchen. This was converted into the new dining area.

Wall unit moved to new living room. Carpet and wood underlayment removed.

Tile placed in dining area to facilitate post-meal cleanup (21 m2)



Finished, other than kickboard

Living Room - convert open area into new living room

This was a large unused area in the front of the house. Beds were stored here for lack of anything better to do with the space.

Beds removed, construction material brought in.

The walls were painted, corners decorated, and floor tiled.

Grouting the floor (29 m2)

The new living room

With the wall unit

Main Hall - upgrade flooring to tile

The main hall needed the flooring replaced.

Old floating wood floor was removed.

Tile went in (27 m2).

Tile in the front foyer matched living room.

A new door was installed (with a lock) for the basement

A lighter colored tile was used past the stairs and to the back door.