Bore Scope Offset Calculator

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Enter the scope height (above the center of the bore): inches
Enter the mass of the bullet: grains
Enter the ballistic coefficient of the bullet:
Enter the muzzle velocity: feet / second
Enter the distance at which you want the gun zeroed: yards
Enter the distance at which you are bore sighting the gun: yards
When done, push the button:
Your Bore Scope Offset is: inches

Using the Bore Scope Offset

At the desired borescope sighting distance, align the bore of the rifle with the center of a target. Now adjust the scope such that it is aimed at a point "X" inches below the center of the target, where "X" is the bore scope offset calculated above. Note: most numbers will be negative, indicating the scope should be aimed below the aim point of the barrel. Occassionally, especially if the bore sighting distance is short, the number will be positive, indicating that the scope will actually be aimed at a point above the barrel's point of aim. In all cases, the windage adjustment should be "zero" - that is, the barrel and scope should align on a vertical line.
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