Bullseye Range Controller V2.8

This application contains the sequence of fire and all range commands to run a number of Bullseye (Precision Pistol) matches. The program can manage:
  • a traditional "900"
  • the National Match Course
  • the P100 course of fire
  • International Center Fire Pistol match
  • International Standard Pistol match
  • International Rapid Fire match
  • "Zombie shoot" match (Duello)
The controller can also be over ridden and manually sequenced if needed.

Just plug the "line-out" of your PC into your PA system and go!

Note: this was developed using Visual Studio 2015 and is therefore PC based. To run on a Mac you'll likely need some form of Windows emulator.

National Match Course controller.
Controller for P100 course of fire.
International Center Fire Match controller.
International Standard Pistol Match controller.
International Rapid Fire Match controller.
Attaching a KMTronic USB Relay to a USB Port on your PC and installing the drivers (automatic on Windows 7 and greater) allows this controller to activate turning targets.

Release Notes:

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