Downloading and Installing Group Size Calculator

Note: I have migrated to Windows XP Pro, hence can no longer guarantee updates will work on older Windows platforms. There is nothing I know of that indicates that upgrades developed on W-XP won't work on W95/98, but I can no longer test upgrades on these older platforms. As such, I will keep a "legacy" copy of V1.11 that was built and tested on W95 available for download.

Download Now:

Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 Windows XP, XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7
V1.11 Zip File (1.751 Mbytes)
V1.11 Self extracting Zip (1.788 Mbytes)
Auxiliary Files for W98 version
V2.4 Zip File (1.594 Mbytes)
Self extracting Zip (1.656 Mbytes)
  • GSC is distributed as a zip file or as a self extracting zip. To download simply click on the zip download link (for W95/98) or on the self extracting zip (for W95/98) and save the file on your computer. Since the next steps will extract a number of files from the zip package, and after installation you will be able to remove these temporary files, it is recommended that you create a temporary directory to store the zip file in.
  • Unzip the file
  • Using "Start" - "Run" from the Windows menu bar, browse to the temporary directory and select "setup.exe" (or using Windows Explorer, double click on the "setup.exe" filename).
  • The setup wizard will guide you through your installation. It is recommended that you accept the default locations suggested by the wizard, only because all combinations of other settings have not been verified.
  • "GSCalculator" will now appear in your Start-menu.
  • If you are downloading the W98 version some additional files need to be added. Download the auxiliary file, open it with WinZip (or other) and place all the cursor files into the program folder where "gscalculator.exe" is located (C:/Program Files/GSC/ if you used the default installation).
  • Give it a spin.
  • You may now remove your zip file and all the temporary files created in step 2 above.
  • A user's manual, an associated example file, and a target scanning backer are additional recommended files. It is suggested that you create a "C:\Targets" folder where you can download and save these files, along with future target images you will create as you actually use the program. The files are:

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