Downloading and Installing RPN Calculator

Note: RPN Calculator was developed and compiled using Visual Basic 6.0 on a Windows XP Pro system. It is fairly basic and I know of no reason it will not work on earlier Windows operating systems, but I am unable to test it on such.

Download Now:

RPN Calc is distributed as a single executable or as an install package, in zip file format.

Manual Install

To install the executable alone, click on the zip download link and save the file on your computer. Open the zip file and extract the file "RPNCalc.exe". Place this file where ever you'd like (eg. C:\Program Files\RPNCalc\). Using Windows explorer, browse to this folder, right click on the executable and drag the mouse pointer onto your desktop. Select "create shortcut here" when prompted by Windows. You now have access to the program from your desktop. This method, however, will not have the program "registered" by the Windows operating system - ok.

Full Package Install

For a more formal installation one can download the full package install file. Since the next steps will extract a number of files from the zip package, and after installation you will be able to remove these temporary files, it is recommended that you create a temporary directory to store the zip file in. To install the program:

Known Problems

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