SI / PI Calculator V2.6

Over the past 20+ years I've spent my professional career doing high speed Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Integrity (PI) analysis. I am a big fan of Eric Bogatin, in particular his "rules of thumb" for SI analysis. In the PI domain, I've also been appreciative of the works and publishings of Douglas Brooks. From these two, and many others, I have gathered some various calculations into an "SI/PI Calculator" for use on PCs. This program is freeware.
This calculator contains a number of "rule of thumb" calculations useful in initial Signal Integrity and Power Integrity analysis and design. As is strongly preached in the SI/PI world, full simulation is strongly recommended for a true analysis of a design. However, for early design stages, for answering a quick "swag" question, or for impressing your peers with a quick response, this calculator can give you a ballpark answer.

Note: this was developed using Visual Studio 2015 and is therefore PC based. To run on a Mac you'll likely need some form of Windows emulator.

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