Downloading and Installing the Trajectory Plot Program

Trajectory plot is distributed as a zip file or as a self extracting zip.

I have recently upgraded to Windows XP for development of this program. I have seen some problems trying to run earlier versions of Trajectory Plot (V2.4 and earlier) on W2000 machines and later. All future upgrades will only be to the XP platform - I do not know if these updates will work on the older platforms. As such, I will keep a copy of Trajectory Plot V2.4 that was built on and for the Windows 95/98 platform and make it available through this website.

Download Now:

Windows 95, 98 Windows XP, XP Pro, 2000(?) Windows 7
V2.4 Zip File (3.475 Mbytes)
V2.4 Self extracting Zip (3.512 Mbytes)
V2.5 Zip File (3.178 Mbytes)
V2.5 Self extracting Zip (3.240 Mbytes)
V3.0 Zip File (3.113 Mbytes)

Trajectory Upgrades

Version 2.1 adds some convenience features for registered users. In particular it now saves most of the settings for each of the program and window parameters. For non-registered users, there are just a few minor bug fixes for uninitialized variables in Windows98.

Version 2.2 and 2.3 fix a few bugs associated with window placement.

Version 2.5 is 2.4 simply rebuilt on the Windows XP Pro platform.

Version 2.6 is a rebuild for Windows 7. In particular, the program creates a file to remember registered user information. In previous versions this file had a ".reg" suffix. Windows 7 now views all such files a registry files and limits access to such. This version changes the file to a ".txt" file to avoid Windows 7 issues.

Version 2.7 adds the drag curves for G7 ballistic coefficients (along with G2, G5, G6 and G8). Note: the data base has not yet been updated to save which BC variant is being specified. All data in the existing/included data base is G1 data.

V3.0 now comes with a new Bullets2.mdb that contains the drag function (BC variant) information. Bullets2.mdb should be used with V3.0 and greater. Bullets.mdb should be used with V2.7 and earlier.

Known Problems

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