428SCJ Build Up

To go into my Cobra kit car I'm putting together a 428SCJ (super cobra jet). "Putting together" is the correct term, rather than "re-building" - I've got an NOS block and a bunch of pieces. They will be going together for the first time. I'm building this for street performance, and will only be going for about 400HP, which should be fairly straight forward. It'll be naturally aspirated in line with the car's 60's heritage.

The block is NOS (new old stock), meaning it's never been used since it was pulled from it's casting in 1972. It's not an SCJ block, but a stock 428. I'm having the block aligned honed by "Adrian Speed & Machine" of West Chicago, IL.

The heads are from a 1967 427. They are used and are being rebuilt also by Adrian's.

The Lemans connecting rods are essentially what makes this a SCJ. They are used and have been rebuilt, as has the SCJ crank that goes along with the rods.

I've got a 4 speed Toploader transmission that I'll be packaging with the 428.

As this gets put together I'll be adding images and text to document the build. I'm currently working on the long block and transmission.

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