The Advantages of the R U Car Crafters
English Roadster Assembly

The R U CAR CRAFTERS, INC. English Roadster assembly was designed for ease of assembly and to fit according to the assembly manual. Assembly time should be approximately 125 to 175 hours plus body and paint.

You may add or delete any part from various stages and option list in order to custom build your own kit.


The RUCC Body is the straightest, best fitting body on the market. Our body is a true to dimension 90 inch wheel base, and is also true in shape to the original AC including fender lips, scoop and grill opening. Our body plug was professionally prepped before our mold was made with new high tech resin that does not shrink. In our lay up process we use a double lamination procedure with a skin coat. We use a DCPD resin which produces a stronger product with less imperfections than other resins normally used in the industry. The hood, trunk lid and doors all have full inner panels not just the outside skin. The inner hood and trunk lid panels have a 1/4 inch metal plate glassed and pre-threaded in to attach their hinges to. The inner door panels have the door bars bolted to them for the hinges to bolt to on the backbone chassis and the ladder frame the inner door panels have 1/4 inch metal plates glassed in and pre-threaded to attach the door hinges to. All this combined produces a higher quality body with unparalleled doors, trunk and hood gaps. Several auto body men claim they can have our body ready for paint in 40 hours. The same body men say that on other kit cars they quote a minimum of 200 hours. Our kit pictured in the magazines has less than 40 hours of body work.

The RUCC body has great attention to detail for a cleaner look on a finished vehicle.

  1. The body at the front and rear of passenger compartment has been rolled under.
  2. The wheel well openings have been rolled under.
  3. We have frenched in the vent openings.
  4. We added door jambs, not only for looks, but to also give greater strength to our body.
  5. We added a drop apron around the engine compartment not only for a more finished look but also to strengthen our body.
  6. We squared up the headlight, taillights and wheel well openings so the body will look symmetrical as you view it from all angles.

Hood, trunk and door gaps right
out of the mold with no body work.
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