Mission Trip To Romania
Phase 1: September, 2024

Notes from emails providing some background info:
A*** has been working with O*** and his wife E*** in Sacele, Romania, as well as R*** and P***, as they have come to love and care greatly for our family who fled Stephen's Home in Ukraine and now reside in Sacele, while the turmoil continues in Kherson and the outline region around including Darivka, where we build Stephen's Home.

The current room that they rent in a building nearby is used by many others as well and having to take everything down, then put it all back in place again when someone else will use it, moving supplies, transporting it all and simply not having enough space is an ongoing challenge.

The last time A*** was with E*** and O*** they opened up to her some buildings on their property that are simply run down and need to be cleared out and refurbished, but in good condition overall. In ministering to those with disabilities, space is needed that is inviting, handicapped accessible, warm when needed and cooled through the summer as those with muscular challenges often exert a lot of energy doing simple things. What we'd like to begin with is to take what is a sturdy old barn and make it a multi-functional, multi-purpose building. We'll convert the first floor into a meeting space, knock down the middle wall to open it up, and clean it up. Bathrooms will need to be built. There is an area of the building that has plumbing on a lower level, so the bathrooms will be built at that lower level.

The building attached, to the front of the barn, in phase 2, will be made into a cafe that the adults with disabilities can work at with the guidance and support of the staff. There will be prepwork done during this phase 1 to make the kitchen that will be above the bathrooms possible. There will be a kitchenette in the main hall at the end where the bathrooms are, so plumbing for a sink is readily available.

There are so many adults with disabilities in the area, and though this would not allow them to invite all, it would make it possible to meet with one group one day and another group another day, allowing the therapy to happen here.

The second story is going to have a new roof put on, a Romanian worker and his company are going to do that work ahead of time. This second story will become a meeting place for women. E*** will lead Bible studies with them and it will provide a children's play area so they can have space while their mom's can focus on the Bible. Though it won't be handicapped accessible, it will be used through the week for other studies and meetings as needed.

Romania: showing Sacele relative to Arad, Istanbul, and Kherson
Sacele, Romania
Barn Exterior
Barn exterior roofline
Barn interior
Barn interior 2
Barn interior 3
Barn interior 4
Barn interior 5
beams in the barn
close up beams
Entry to cafe in front
front building Phase 2 cafe
lower level current door
Phase 2 - kitchen door
tradition building across the drive