Trajectory Plot V3.0 - Exterior Ballistics

This is a view of the main screen with a trajectory displayed. Having specified the desired characteristics of the trajectory under hunting conditions, the program displays the trajectory in the field (blue) and the trajectory the same settings will produce at the range (black). Bullet energy is also displayed (red - on the range; violet - in the field).
Using the mouse pointer and left button, bullet statistics for any distance down range can be obtained.
Standard drop tables can be displayed in a graphical form...
... and in tabular form.
To get a trajectory plot, one first selects the bullet and the general program parameters.
The height of the "line of sight" (center of the scope, or top of front sight) above the center of the bore is entered.
The environmental conditions are entered. "Plot" is then requested, and the program runs.
At any distance a representative view of a target placed at that distance can be viewed. The large red dot is the point of aim; the blue dot is where this bullet would strike the target if it were placed at 154 yards down range under hunting conditions (with a cross wind from the right); the black dot is where this bullet would strike the target, under range conditions at the same distance (with a cross wind from the left).
The user may enter information about any other bullet not already in the database, or edit the information already there.

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