Financial Amortization Calculator - V2.3

There are four variables involved in amortization tables:
  • The Principle (loan amount)
  • The montly payment
  • The interest (annual)
  • The number of years of the loan.

This program allows you to specify any of the three and calculate the fourth. The lower section allows you to see the remaining principle (balance unpaid on the loan) after a specified number of payments.
New for V2.0, I've added what I call a "Uniform Draw-Down Calculator". This assumes you start with an initial balance in an interest bearing account. If you withdraw a fixed ammount each month, this calculator will tell you how long the balance in the account will last. It will also tell you the remaining balance after any number of months.
Revision history:
  • V2.3: previous versions, when calculating the interest rate, assumed a maximum of 20% interest - the limit is now "infinite" (this is not really true, but it is big - at some point the numbers overflow the capacity of the processor in your PC).
  • V2.2a fixes spelling errors and upgrades to VB6 source
  • V2.2 fixes run-time errors if zero values are entered for some of the parameters
  • V2.1 updates my email address
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