Passenger Compartment:

RUCC's backbone chassis passenger compartment has a full metal cage around it. The doors have an extensive inner structure for impact protection for the occupants and also for mounting brackets, hinges and latches. The hinges, latches and strikers are all chassis mounted instead of mounted to a piece of metal bonded to the fiberglass body or to a steel cowl hoop bolted to a fiberglass floor. Our hinges are massive and our latch & striker are industrial grade with a safety catch. Our seats and seat belts also mount to welded in metal. Unlike some mounted to the fiberglass floor and back panel.

Our Door bars, hinges, latches and catches mounted. Notice how the striker is attached back to the frame and not to fiberglass.

When looking at side impact protection in kits you want to see the metal that is installed in the doors and hold it in you hands. Some of them you can actually bend with your hands. (Metal in the doors for the sake of being able to say they have metal in the doors). You also want to look at the hinges, latches and catches. Also look at what the hinges bolt to and what would hold it in place if ever was hit.

RUCC's backbone chassis has a metal floor which also serves as a stress member of our chassis, in addition, we utilize a metal firewall for greater strength and increased safety over fiberglass. This also allows for leg room and interior space comparable to other replicas with an extended wheel base.

RUCC has a full width dropped floor. With a 2 x 3 metal
tube in front of your feet. Plenty of room for 6 foot plus.
Not just a fiberglass box glassed in. That is the lowest part
of the floor and sometimes the car.

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