Ladder Frames

Some things to look for when looking at ladder frame kits. On the two frame ladder frames most of the out riggers they have welded on their frame rails do not go out any father than your outside leg. Look to see what the cowl hoop is attached to some of the kits have the cowl hoop attached to the fiberglass floor and firewall. Your cowl hoops attach your door hinges, windshields, brakes and steering columns. Most of the four frame rail ladder frames have the cowl hoop bolted to the outside frame rails. But as far as attaching doors with side impact protection to cowl hoops bolted on in this fashion there is nothing but the fiberglass body to keep the cowl hoop from just pushing over.

Seats and seat belt attaching to your kit. On most ladder frames you attach your seat and your seat belts to the fiberglass floor and you're suppose to use fender washers to spread the load out over the fiberglass. RUCC's backbone chassis and ladder frame has sufficient metal structure to attach your seat and your seat belts to.

RUCC's Ladder Frame

Notice that this frame does not have the upper structure going from the rear suspension
uprights to the cowl hoop then from the cowl hoop on the the front of the chassis behind
and in front of the front suspension crossmember. Nor does it have the side protection bars
just below where the door opening.

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