Group Size Calculator - V2.4

-- now supports metric measurements --
If you have access to a scanner, you can scan your targets into a "*.bmp", "*.jpg", or "*.gif" file then open this file with the GSC program. Then, simply by left-clicking when the cursor is centered on top of each bullet hole, the X-Y coordinates are measured. The GSC allows you to calibrate your scanner and display such that at maximum resolution accuracy to +/- 0.001 inch is possible. To measure accurately you must calibrate your scanner / monitor. This calibration is only available in the registered version.

Setting your magic number

Without a scanner, you are still able to use the GSC to calculate your group statistics. Using a good caliper, measure the X and Y coordinates of each shot and place them in a text file. Then open this file with the GSC.

One can also hold a target up to the monitor and position the cursor underneath each bullet hole and click - this is less accurate due to parallax, but with practice can suffice. The monitor still needs to be calibrated - one can hold a ruler to the screen and use a method similar to that described in Setting your magic number. In addition, the GSC scanning window needs to be sized such that it encompasses the desired portion of the target.

Using either of the capture methods above, the GSC then displays a representation of your target. If you so choose, you can elect to remove any of the shots from the group calculations (e.g. in the case of a known flier).
The GSC then calculates the following statistics for your group:

User's Manual

A User's Manual is available to help new users become familiar with the operation of GSCalc and some instruction / insight regarding how to interpret and best make use of the output from this program. This manual is available in either pdf or html format. The manual references two additional files, one of which is used as an example, the second which is of general use when scanning in targets. These are all available here:

User's Manual (pdf format, html format)

Buy It Now

This program is shareware. Although you can download and try it out for free, to enable calibration of your scanner/monitor you must obtain a registration code. You may either send a check for $10.50 (US funds) to the address shown in the program (under the "Help" menu), or use the PayPal link below. Note, please: this is an email only transaction, so I need to have your Name and email address provided to me by PayPal - so please enter your information in carefully.


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