Front Suspension:

You can use readily available Mustang II components (except for the strut rod) that we complemented with our specially engineered crossmember for radically improved camber gain, and virtually no bump steer. We now have negative camber gain, instead of the positive from the factory. This maintains an even tire temperature reading across a 9.5 inch racing slick on road courses, with a static setting of 1/16 degree negative camber. All of this also enhances ride quality.

All stock front suspension components, except strut rods, may be used. You may also use aftermarket tubular upper and lower arms, coil over shocks, larger front brakes or aftermarket brakes. However you will have to use RUCC strut rods. These are supplied with every chassis that has front suspension. You may purchase them separately if you are installing your own front suspension. Our kits that are supplied with front suspension use tubular upper and lower control arms.

Stock Front Suspension with 11" Rotors

Front suspension crossmember bracing is important to keep the front suspension geometry correct while corning and braking. As seen on the early Shelby Mustangs with their export braces and monte carlo bars. When you are looking at the available kits be sure to check out the front crossmember bracing. Some kits have a huge X brace which is supporting nothing more than the upper shock mounts. The bracing should also support the upper and lower suspension arm mounts they should not be attached to stand along brackets.

The RUCC's backbone chassis and ladder frame front suspension crossmember is
made of 3/16 plate. The backbone chassis and the ladder frame have a bolt in brace,
to support side forces from corning. The back bone chassis has gussets welded in to
support for and aft forces coming mainly from braking. Shown is the front
suspension crossmember in a backbone chassis.

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