Rear Suspension:

We use the readily available and ever popular 8.8 rear axle assembly out of the late model Mustang. RUCC technicians relocated the suspension pick up points on the chassis to produce a lower roll center and more anti-squat capability. It has rear weight jacks to adjust ride height for various size wheel and tire combinations, and gives the capability to adjust weight bias for on track handling adjustments.

It may easily be upgraded to a 9 inch Ford by purchasing readily available aftermarket rear axle housing assemblies. Available from RUCC for an additional cost of $1,893.00 which includes a new rear axle housing, axles, 11" disc brakes, new traction lock third member with most gear ratios available. Also available from Ford Motorsports or other Performance Suppliers.

Disc brake rear ends and disc brake upgrade kits are available for the 8.8 rear end also.

This is an over head shot of the lower rear suspension mount.
Notice the bracing to keep it from flexing. This is on both
RUCC backbone chassis and ladder style frame.

RUCC's upper and lower rear suspension mounts are also braced. and not stand along mounts.

RUCC also has a independent rear suspension using pieces from the late model Thunderbird. RUCC uses the Thunderbird's spindles, rotors, calipers, third member and shortened Thunderbird axles. RUCC uses tubular upper and lower control arms with coil-over shocks. RUCC design the lower control arm mounts and control arms to make the lower arms as long as possible to lessen the arc of the rear tires. The RUCC IRS unit also has a negative camber gain to help keep the rear tires footprint on the ground.

You can switch from the solid rear axle to the independent rear suspension and back.

The Thunderbird center section bolted into
the RUCC's backbone chassis. Notice the
mounting location of the lower arms.

Pic of the tubular control arms and the
coil-over shock and mount.

The Thunderbird spindle mounted on
the tubular control arms.

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