Engine and Transmission Mounts:

RUCC chassis has bolt on motor mounts to allow complete interchangeability in your motor choices. Without cutting or welding, your motor choices are SBF, Cleveland, 427-428, 429-460 Fords or SBC and BBC.

This chassis will accommodate 4, 5 and 6 speeds and also automatic transmissions.

Brake & Clutch Pedals & Master cylinders:

RUCC's kit employs an aluminum Tilton brake and clutch pedal assembly with 1 master cylinder for the clutch and 2 master cylinders for the brakes with a balance bar between them so that you have precise control over front/rear brake balancing. This is needed over the proportioning valve which just takes pressure away from rear brakes. There is a greater percentage of vehicle weight on the rear wheels than on most cars because of engine set back. This means you need to increase rear brake line pressure, not decrease it. Because of all the different engine and transmission weights, wheel and tire sizes, and brake combinations you need the infinitely adjustable balance bar system. The aluminum pedal assembly is much nicer and cleaner looking than the steal Tilton pedal assembly used by the majority of the industry.

The hydraulic clutch is employed for easier installation while eliminating cable or linkage binds.

RUCC's brake line kit comes with pre-bent hard lines (except for the solid rear axle axle lines you will have to bend them depending on which rear end housing and brakes combination you are using), steel braided flex lines for the master cylinders, calipers, rear differential line and clutch slave cylinder. All the AN fittings and adapters, clamps and screws.

Roll Bar:

Our three point roll bar mounts directly to the frame and is made of 1 1/2 inch diameter by 0.110 wall thickness tubing. You may also have a two point roll bar that goes from drivers side to passengers side and it is also frame mounted. It is made of 2 inch diameter by 0.110 wall thickness tubing.

Tires & Wheels:

RUCC body and chassis combination will accept front wheels and tires up to 285 Series on 14 inch through 17 inch diameter wheels up to 9 inches wide. Rear wheels and tires up to 305 Series on 14 inch through 17 inch diameter wheels up to 11 inches wide.

Wiring Harness:

The RUCC wiring harness allows you the option to use switches on the dash like the originals, or you may use the switches on your Mustang's stock column.

The wiring harness has a fuse box with 14 fuses, 2 relays and 2 flashers. It has a weatherpack bulkhead connector where it goes through the firewall. It has weatherpack connectors for the front turn/park lights, headlights and engine compartment loom. It is wired for all normal operations plus heater, air conditioner, radio, radio acc., driving lights, electric fuel pump, electric cooling fan, windshield wiper motor and windshield washer pump, acc. front and rear.

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