No Donor Car Needed:

If you are buying one of our chassis kits that has the suspension already installed, there is no need for a donor car, because the motor, transmission, wheels and tires are the only parts needed that can come from a donor car besides the following.
  1. Fuel tank and filler tube from a 1982-84 Mustang, for cars with a carburetor or 1986-93 for cars with fuel injection.
  2. Steering column from a 1979-93 Mustang.

If you want to use a 1982-93 Mustang as a donor car. You may delete the rear suspension from our kits for a savings of $1366.00 and steering column for a savings of $1200.00 and use them along with your motor, transmission, gas tank & filler tube, from your Mustang donor car. By doing this with our Stage IV assembly, depending on the cost of your donor car, wheels, tires, and paint your overall cost could be under $24,500.00.

Driving the R U Car Crafters, Inc. English Roadster :

High speed stability has been a concern of many kit cars. Numerous people have complained of other kits drifting at high speeds. The technicians at RUCC took this into account when designing the RUCC English Roadster and by adding these features helped to eliminate the problem.

A radiator setting straight up has very little affect on a car at high speeds but once you tilt it forwards or backwards it makes for a tremendous difference. If you lean the radiator back at the top it produces lift. This is not what you want. On the other hand if you tilt the top of radiator towards the front, it produces down force. This is exactly what you want and need. RUCC technicians tilted our radiator forward at the top, and added a removable frame section to facilitate installation and removal of the radiator.

The RUCC technicians have designed a front cross member that changes the dynamics of the Mustang II front suspension. It gives a better camber gain to keep the tires full contact patch on the pavement. It also virtually eliminated bump steer. What is bump steer and what does this do for you? Bump steer is when a wheel hits a bump or hole and the suspension moves up or down through its travel. The different radii of the tie rods movement verses the a-arms causes the tire to turn in or out. The more it does this the more the car darts around. We have measured a car with less than 1/64th of an inch bump steer through 2 inches of travel. This keeps our car from moving around. This car is very stable at high speeds.

When people that have driven kit cars in the past drive our car the most heard responses are:

  1. It feels like a real car.
  2. Its solid.
  3. It does not feel funny.
  4. It rides better than the car I drove up in.
  5. It corners great.
  6. Its predictable. It goes where you point it.
We had one driver say that it would run circles around his Porsche 911, talking about the way it corners.

One of our customers stated that this is one reason he bought our car... "The doors sound like car doors shutting instead of a screen door."

"This car rides nicer and smoother than a Mustang GT."

"We drive our car to the road race tracks, pull the street tires off and put the racing slicks on then we go racing." We out corner racing cars built from the ground up. We have out cornered spec racers. This is with our daily driven street car.

The Best New English Roadster Assembly:

The RUCC English Roadster Assembly was rated in the September 1997 issue of KIT CAR, the builder's authority, as one of the five best new kits and this was the only AC Replica of these five.

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